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Международная специализированная B2B выставка обуви, сумок, аксессуаров, кожи и комплектующих

Международная B2B выставка обуви, сумок, аксессуаров, кожи и комплектующих

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Thank you for registration at Mosshoes 89!

The email with the link to your ticket has been sent to you.

If in the incoming mail you cannot find letter subjected Your ticket for MosShoes exhibition, 27–30.08.2024, check the SPAM or Junk mail folders.

* If you have not received a letter to your mail within 30 minutes, most likely you are mistaken in writing an e-mail or the spam filter of the e-mail server has worked. In this case, we recommend that you try to register again. If your email has been specified correctly — you will be asked to «Resend the ticket.» If you also did not receive a second letter, write a request to the address with mosshoes@expodat.com your name and the name of the exhibition. We will check and send the letter in manual mode.

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