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Талдомский кожевенный завод

The Taldom Tannery is a modern full-cycle facility processing raw large cattle hide into ready-to-use leather. We are currently manufacturing products fully compliant with the requirements of various Russian and global industries. Every year the skins produced by the Taldom Tannery are presented at major leather exhibitions in Rissia, Italy, China, India and Hong Kong.

Вахруши-Юфть, кожевенный завод

«Vakhrushi-Yuft» Ltd. is a modern upgraded enterprise. It is engaged in manufacturing and sale of chrome-tanned leather and yuft. Now in the assortment of the enterprise a large number of types of leather. The main kinds of products to be manufactured are the following: crust, shoe lining leather, “Powder-like” chrome, “Nappa”, yuft and split leather. «Vakhrushi-Yuft» Ltd. is an exporting company. Today, more than 70% of the total manufactured volume is sent to various companies of Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Mongolia, and CIS-states.

Верхневолжский кожевенный завод

Volga Tannery is one of the largest tanneries in Russia. It is a modern production facility allowing to supply the customers with the products of required quality and in guaranteed volumes. The plant was founded in 1730 as tanning manufacturing works of merchant Savin, and it has been operating since that time. Our catalogue offers more than 100 types of tanned leather for shoes, accessories, garments as well as by-products.

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