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Buy profitably in January
Buy profitably in January

Retail concept

As part of the MOSSHU Exhibition, exhibitors present their audiences with ready-made business concepts within the framework of the specialized section RETAIL CONCEPT – franchise stores for shoes, clothes, bags and accessories, as well as the Shop-in-Shop format.
The main task of the section is to increase the interest of the participants in the footwear market to partner formats of doing business and to provide effective conditions for conducting business negotiations.



The section of the exhibition is devoted to successful business models, which have already been approved by market participants and proved their effectiveness. In September 2017 at the exhibition Mos Shoes was presented 29 proposals on franchising from the leading players of the market


Visitors to the exposition have the opportunity to find the best solution for doing business and get acquainted with potential partners. The value of this section and the ability to pre-assess the risks of a particular business model and choose the optimal solution for yourself.


The Retail Concept section offers not only relevant business models for the market, but also strategies for their promotion on the market. Such topical cases as personnel management, window dressing, trade-marketing activity and many others are also considered.


In September 2017 at the exhibition MOSSHUZ was presented 29 proposals on franchising from the leading players of the market. This concept of doing business is one of the most popular on the market, as it allows you to use the successful experience of a partner with a certain reputation in the market, and also capitalize on a well-known brand.

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