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  • Vikont

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Tutti i nuovi marchi
Nuovi marchi
  • Gold Terra

  • Gold Braid

  • Vikont

  • Bey-Oglu

  • Hermes


Tutti i nuovi marchi

March 12

Subject: International Forum for Footwear and Leather associations «Development of international cooperation in the field of leather and footwear»

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Сергей Минаев

Subject: Как выжить на падающем рынке и заработать

  • - Изменения предпочтений потребителей;
  • - Нужен ли магазину сервис;
  • - Как выжить на падающем рынке;
  • - Увеличение лояльности покупателя;
  • - Повторная продажа через год.

Time: 14:30 - 15:30

Сергей Минаев

Владелец обувной мастерской English Shoes, блоггер в YouTube, эксперт по технологическому циклу в сфере обслуживания Английской обуви. Соорганизатор ежегодной премии Shoesing Awards

Технологи компании «Trumpler»

Subject: Применение продукции немецкой компании «Trumpler» на российских предприятиях кожевенной отрасли

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Технологи компании «Trumpler»

March 13

Subject: Private meeting of RSKO Executive committee.
«Results in leather and footwear branch in 2018 and 1st trimester of 2019. Government support measures»

Time: 11:00 – 13:00

Екатерина Елисеева

Ekaterina Eliseeva

13 year experience of work in fashion industry. 3 years of work as coach in retail. Training school for «Marc O’Polo» and «Laurèl» brands.

Practicing business coach.

Strong points: motivator; commercial approach to sales; ability to “charge” the team, experience of work in retail.

Марина Агафонова

Marina Agafonova

Over 15 years of work in retail selling garments, lingerie, jewelry and luxury items in position of coach and head of training center. Strong points: practicality, motivation.

Business game: "Learn the customer’s requirements"

Time: 13:00 - 14:30

How to learn to hear the customer and to teach it the shop assistants?

The unique practical course explaining the technology, plus the practical part – by the practicing experts.

  • - You will learn the main secrets of the capability to hear the customer and why it is so important for the work in the shop;
  • - How this technology helps to meet the requirement and what reduces the time from greetings to fittings;
  • - The result – the cash is in the register and the customer is happy.

Only for the participants of the contest and in accordance with its results – the possibility to purchase one training card with the 30% discount.

Наталья Демидова
Вера Волкова
Анна Орлова

Subject: Meeting on labeling and traceability of goods

Time: 15:00 - 18:00

Natalya I. Demidova

Director General of the National Footwear Union

Vera A. Volkova

Head of the project for goods labeling in light industry of the Center of perspective technologies development (CRPT)

Anna V. Orlova

Vice Chairman of the Expert Developing Group for goods labeling under the Interdepartmental Industry Working Group for combating illicit trafficking of light industry products of the Ministry of industry and trade.

March 14

Subject: Seminar-presentation of the International Russian-Italian school of leather and footwear Assomac

Time: 11:00-11:30

Subject: Presentation “Innovative technologies of natural leather and ready shoes finishing

Time: 11:30-13:30

Анна Баландина

Subject: Today and tomorrow of the visual merchandising. How to create a magnet store.

  • - New customer on stage;
  • - New consumer trends;
  • - How to create a magnet store. The atmosphere is everything for us;
  • - How to attract the customer to the store. BM tricks;
  • - How to sell goods without shop assistant;
  • - Store design vs Brand’s DNA.

Time: 13:30 - 14:30

Anna Balandina

Founder of VM Guru visual merchandising agency

Leading practical expert of the Russian fashion market for visual merchandising and store design in the fashion segment, magister of АrtEZ Academy of Art & Design University, Netherlands.

Андрей Аболенкин

Subject: Key fashion trends Spring’20. Demand and manufacturing planning.

  • - Changes in customers’ behavior;
  • - Key macro trends determining preferences in footwear purchasing. Withdrawing trends;
  • - Main stylistic fashion directions. Materials, colors, and shapes of the footwear will be thematically presented together with patterns.

Time: 14:30 - 15:30

Andrey Abolenkin

One of the leading experts in fashion industry, consultant and producer of fashion shooting

Роман Ефремов

Subject: Современные тренды продвижения Модных брендов в интернете.

  • - Дифференциация каналов продвижения информации для разной целевой аудитории, с учётом пола, возраста, дохода целевой аудитории;
  • - Увеличение количества подписчиков в социальных сетях и создание лояльной аудитории;
  • - Сайты и маркет-плейсы: что лучше работает?

Time: 15:30 - 16:30

Роман Ефремов

Автор проекта "Календарь Модных Событий", президент Ассоциации "Недели Моды".

March 15

Гордеев Михаил Дмитриевич

Gordeyev Mikhail Dmitriyevich

Совладелец холдинга LCM Group

Зязин Антон Михайлович

Zyazin Anton Mikhaylovich

Член Совета директоров Certification Group.

Subject: Ввоз образцов для целей сертификации

Time: 11:00 - 12:30

  • - Специфика процедуры ввоза и оформления образцов для целей сертификации;
  • - Варианты доставки;
  • - Тонкости отправки образцов через курьерские службы;
  • - Требования к документам;
  • - Возможность условного выпуска.