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Mos Shoes continues to introduce new projects into the exhibition’s format, thus maintaining the reputation of the most significant event in the leather and footwear industry. In September the Trend-Zone will function at the exhibition, and it was developed in cooperation with one of the leading Russian experts of the fashion world, analyst, consultant and fashion video producer Andrey Abolenkin. Mister Abolenkin has the experience of work with such brands as, Etro, Ecco, In Style, Lardini, Walt Disney. “Time ago we faced the necessity to create the Trend-Zone in the framework of the exhibition, but we wanted to create something absolutely new, which would be different from what was already present in the market, – Mos Shoes representatives say. – The modern Trend-Zone is not a simple pool of some elements beautifully placed on the counter”. The Trend-Zone – is an entire symbiosis of tactile sensations, sound and video, which deliver, without further comment, the explanation why those things will become fashionable, where the idea of this very trend came from. In fact, the Trend-Zone gives the answers to more questions at the same time: which directions and themes are the most relevant for the current season, which contest will help to imagine the existing models in the modern light – this is for buyers; why these exact models are relevant – this is the answer for the sellers, who will be able to refer this information to the final consumer. For this reason, we recommend to all visitors of Mos Shoes to visit the Trend-Zone first and then to formulate the orders using the acquired notions. Moreover, mister Abolenkin will take part in the exhibition’s business program and he will dwell on the key trends which are going to be relevant for the FW 19/20 season.

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