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Xti #new

Xti entered the market in 2003, immediately gaining popularity and love of customers thanks to the fashionable and current collections. Already in 2011, more than 5,000 points of sale were opened in multi-brand stores in 60 countries. Currently, Xti is developing its own retail network Xti Store, which has 50 stores, as well as its own Outlet. The shops are mostly located in the capitals of more than 12 countries. A well-thought-out shopping space gives customers the opportunity to immediately feel the spirit of the brand and plunge into the world of fashion and style. Thanks to its 2nd annual collections and well-thought-out marketing strategy, Xti puts customer focus at the forefront and listens to the needs of customers, and then is actively present in social networks. Ambassadors of the brand are Alessandra Ambrossio, supermodel and one of the angels Victoria Secret, supermodel and actor andrés Velencoso, as well as Juan Aldabaldetreku, who is considered one of the leading Spanish photographers, whose works are regularly published in glossy magazines. The Spanish brand of shoes and accessories presents its collection spring-summer, filled with bright, fresh details, reflecting the charm of summer and natural elegance. In the collections of the Xti embodied the most current trends. This season, women's models will be presented in a variety of styles — from "oxfords" and high boots to flat sandals and shoes with heels and platforms made of wood and jute. The sports trend will not stand aside, within the framework of which the casual models will be presented in natural and calm colors, covering the whole range of brown shades, as well as gold and silver tones.
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