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Национальный Обувной Союз

The NATIONAL FOOTWEAR UNION of Russia was established in 1996, brings together suppliers, manufacturers and sellers of footwear, as well as parts and accessories. Currently, the Union includes 70 companies: from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-don and other national Shoe Union-co – founder of international specialized exhibitions "MosShoes". National Shoe Union-a member of the Russian chamber of Commerce and the Moscow chamber of Commerce, a member of the trade and economic Council of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, a member of the Russian Union of Producers, a member of the Expert Council on legislation on foreign trade and foreign investment of the state Duma Committee on economic policy and entrepreneurship, a member of the all-Russian public organization "Business Russia" and the non-Profit partnership "Association of business organizations of Russia (OPORA)". The national Shoe Union is an observer member of the European Confederation of Shoe unions (Brussels). National Footwear Union maintain business relations with the Shoe Associations in Europe, China, India, Vietnam, Tunisia, Morocco, Brazil, etc. Directions NOBS: 1. Conducting a constructive dialogue with the legislative and Executive authorities in order to influence the formation of the state policy in relation to the Shoe business. 2.Cooperation with public organizations: RTPP; MCCI; Union of producers and importers; RATEK; RSK; Leather and footwear League (Ukraine). Exchange of information, joint efforts. 3.Participation in the development of technical regulations for the retail trade and footwear industry in the framework of the Federal law "on technical regulation". 4.Providing organizational, methodological and consulting assistance. 5. Marketing research in the field of structure, trends of the Russian footwear market, its regional features. 6. Conferences and seminars. 7. Organization of training courses for footwear designers in Moscow. 8. Participation in the jury of the international competition of Shoe designers. 9. Providing benefits to members of the Union with participation in the exhibition "MosShoes". 10. Preparation of information materials on the problems of the Shoe market and their publication in special and General publications. International cooperation: NOBS carries out international cooperation for the purpose of full entry of Russia into the international footwear market: 1.Study, systematization and adaptation of foreign experience. 2.Systematic exchange of information. 3.Cooperation with associations of foreign countries;-assistance in obtaining visas; -provision of objective information about companies and markets; - search for new partners. 4.Attraction of foreign investments in Russian production. 5. Protection of the legal rights and interests of members of the NBS abroad.6.Organization of trips of the delegation of the Union to foreign specialized exhibitions.7. Participation in international exhibitions, seminars, conferences. Participation in international exhibitions, seminars, conferences. Chairman of the Board of NOBS A. A. ILIOPULO CEO NOBS N. I. DEMIDOVA


Национальный обувной союз


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