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Qinyang Xingyue Industry #new

Qinyang Xingyue Industry Co., LTD specialized in the production and sales of the sheepskin products. Company registered with the capital of 10 million yuan and covers 200mu area, owning 200 employees. Covers an area of 30000 square meters. Annual production are 600,000 pairs Shoes and Boots . Our main products are double face shoes and boots, indoor casual shoes and so on. Mainly export to America、Canada、Janpan、Korea、Russia and so on. And the daily process capability of sheep pelts reaches 5000 pieces. We have passed LWG and BSCI. Our other main products are Sheepskin car seat cover, shoe lining, steering wheel cover,saddle pad and so on. Mainly export to USA,Australia,Germany,Russia,Austria,Netherland and so no. Together with the factory construction, the company builds a waste water treatment plant which covers an area of 5000 square meters and the daily treatment of 1000 tons. And it realizes the discharge zero pollution and becomes a “Green Model”of fur processing enterprise in the new period.
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