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Международная специализированная B2B выставка обуви, сумок, аксессуаров, кожи и комплектующих

Международная B2B выставка обуви, сумок, аксессуаров, кожи и комплектующих

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Beheshtian Shoes Co. #new

We are a men and women leather shoes manufacturer in Iran since 1950, and safety shoes since 2007. With more than 160 employees and 15 store branches, we are known as one of the most prominent shoe brands not only in our hometown of Isfahan, but throughout Iran. In addition to store sales, a major part of our activity is dedicated to the production of safety shoes; in such a way that we are considered as one of the most important suppliers of safety shoes for industries such as oil, gas, power plants, mines, etc. Our main goal has always been to provide quality and comfort at a reasonable price, in order to create the best feeling and experience for our users.
Классика Кэжуал Ортопедическая и профилактическая Средний Крупный опт Мелкий опт




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