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Mos Shoes - exhibition only for professionals!

Mos Shoes is the oldest exhibition of the industry, which has been held since 1997. During its existence, the exhibition Mos Shoes has established itself as an effective business platform for establishing business contacts and finding new directions for development in the footwear industry.

Year after year, the exhibition attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world, for which Mos Shoes is a kind of indicator of the current state of the market, its prospects for development and current trends.

Mos Shoes Exhibition is 4 days of fruitful work and communication of exhibitors with existing and potential customers at the stands and within the business program of the exhibition, in which leading experts of the industry, covering the current market issues, take part.

Mos Shoes is the biggest b2b footwear exhibition in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Over 1 000 brands from all continents.

More than 30 countries of the world.

12 000 visitors from all Russia regions and neighboring countries.

4 times a year.

Interseasonal exhibitions

The interseasonal exhibitions MOS SHOES are traditionally considered more commercial. As a rule, the exhibitors present a wide range of models which they have on stock.

On stock goods
The manufacturers have on stock the main part of the presented models, that’s why you can considerably reduce the delivery time placing the orders while you visit the June edition of the fair.

Small wholesale procurement (from 1 box)
The exhibition will be interesting for the small business operators purchasing little lots of determined models or sizes.

Special sale offers for the exhibition visitors
The most of the exhibitors prepare special offers for the visitors of the interseasonal exhibitions. These offers make it possible to get additional discounts on the purchased goods.

All footwear styles, all price segments

The exhibition Mos Shoes provides an excellent opportunity for 4 days to get the most information about the current footwear and leather haberdashery trends in different price segments. In recent years, active interest in the Russian market has been shown by European producers, for whom the Russian market is one of the development priorities.

In addition, Mos Shoes supports young Russian designers, for whom participation in the exhibition is a real chance to receive and evaluation from industry professionals, and to find optimal sales channels for themselves.

Mos Shoes presentation

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Visitors by function

53 %
Business owner, top manager
26 %
Purchasing Manager
20,5 %
1,5 %

Kind of activity

23 %
21 %
49 %
7 %


(value> 100%, because visitors had the opportunity to select several segments)

37 %
Mans footwear
35 %
Women's shoes
40 %
Children footwear
20 %
Bags and suitcases
18 %
9 %
Bijouterie and gifts
15 %
A natural skin
10 %
7 %
Imitation leather
5 %
Chemical materials
5 %
7 %
Fabric materials
5 %

Interest in the style of shoes

(value> 100%, because visitors had the opportunity to select several segments)

53 %
13 %
34 %
Sport & Casual
16 %
15 %
15 %
Prophylactic and orthopedic
4 %

Interest in the price segment

20 %
High price
57 %
Middle price
23 %
Low price